Website development

Are you having a house built without an architect? It's the same as ensuring that you have a detailed plan for your website before you start. Bitworkz from Belgium has a team of specialists who will guide you in the development of your internet marketing from A to Z. After launching your website, you can count on a thorough follow-up so that your investment can be sustained and is optimally rendered. You can rely on your accountant for financial support, while you rely on Bitworkz for your website. We are happy to take care of your online interests.

Limited in budget and would you rather monitor your website yourself?

No problem: you use our powerful custom made CMS, equipped to adapt everything yourself and it is equipped with a high-performance mailing system that enables you to update your customers as much as you wish.

Our step-by-step plan for programming your website is as follows:

Website development

Elaboration of concept

We listen to your idea and together with you we create a detailed concept.
In this step you can count on our expertise in Internet marketing and the necessity of good design for your website.


Based on the elaborated concept, lets say "the plan of the architect", we create a design proposal.
We thoroughly take time to perfect this; after all, it is the image of your company that has to be reflected with your new website.

Development of your website

After coordinating the graphic design, your online website will be developed. Everything is prepared with a highly equipped CMS; the content is written by our copywriters if desired to ensure professional content, which leads specifically to good search engine optimization and reads smoothly for visitors.

Launch and follow-up

The launch of your website does not mean that our collaboration will stop. We will not let you down. When necessary, you will receive training on the backend of your website and in the first month after launch we will evaluate the website on a regular basis.

Are you running the idea of ​​having your website made by a creative agency from Belgium? Do not hesitate and contact us now!

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