Diamond Plugin for IDEX now online!

Diamond Plugin for IDEX now online!

Bitworkz has developed a Diamond Plugin for IDEX, one of the best known online diamond trading platforms in the world. Many diamond dealers and jewelers put their diamonds on this database so that they can trade with each other and ensure the availability of specific stones for each other's customers.

Because there was a need for an easy way to add a diamond search to a website, we received a request from IDEX a few months ago to develop this. Because of our knowledge of diamonds and the industry, we have responded to that demand to make this come true. After a few months of hard work we are finally there: DiamondPlugin.com is born.

Every diamond dealer and jeweler working with IDEX can now add a complete diamond search engine by adding a few simple lines of code to their site.

The plugin can be fully adjusted to everyone's wishes. One can determine which shapes, weights, qualities, clarities and even choose the certificates and set margins on their diamonds. After years of development for the diamond sector, we are also very happy with the result.

If you are interested in putting diamonds on your website, or just want to take a look at the website of our product, surf to www.diamondplugin.com.