E-commerce added to High Performance Diamonds

E-commerce added to High Performance Diamonds

Almost 10 years ago we created the corporate identity for High Performance Diamonds by Crafted by Infinty. Last year we created their second website, made a new design and developed the new responsive site in SmartCMS. Bitworkz now upgraded their website with e-commerce and added a shopping cart.

Different technologies were implemented, amongst a ring configurator for customers we have also integrated a connection to the diamonds from Crafted by Infinity.

Bitworkz developed an online application with a Diamond API and management system that enables Infinity to control all pricing and diamonds. Crafted by Infinity can compare all diamonds with industry pricing updates from RAPNET and they can update all pricing with one click. The integrated retailer management module controls all percentages combined with price rules that depend on different countries and price levels. The diamond management system also contains certificates, scientific photos of diamonds and videos. All the media and data can be requested with the API and served to any website that sells Crafted by Infinity diamonds.

Check out www.hpdiamonds.com